Marble Care

Marble Basin Maintenance

The beauty of marble products, is that they have been formed over a million years ago. Originally, beginning life as limestone but after being subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures, it recrystallised to form marble with stunning and intricate patterns that no man can replicate.
Considering what nature has put marble through, it is a tough material and will last for many years in your home. But you do need a little care and with some know-how, it will look as good as the first day.
Here are some details of help you look after your marble basin

- Before you use marble!
As with all natural stone products, the surface should be sealed with a premium natural stone sealer click here . Marble, being a natural material is porous, meaning that some liquids and the elements in products can seep into the surface and cause discolouration. However, if it is sealed, the translucence and colour will last.
Although, no sealer can perfectly seal natural stone, a good quality sealer will prolong its beauty and give you time to clean up spills and damage.

-How to keep marble clean
Marble is very easy to maintain, that is why it can be used in the bathroom. However, with the surface being porous it does need a little care - a regular, quick wipe with a clean cloth and tap water or you can wipe it with some methylated spirits dabbed on a cloth. However, Dishwashing liquid and warm water can be used as well and will help break down greasy and oily residue from grooming products.
Some soaps, moisturisers, makeup, toothpaste, and shave foam contain acids or oils which can stain me. A quick wipe down after use is all that is needed.
If you keep the surface clean and dry this will stop staining and keep it looking beautiful.

-What not to use on marble!
Please do not use cleaners that contain strong chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or acid. Even an abrasive cleaner is not necessary. These are all too harsh for the porous surface.
Natural home-made cleaners that contain vinegar, lemon, soda bicarbonate are also too harsh for the marble.
Keep the exterior dry and wiping me down with dishwashing liquid regularly to remove residue is all you need to do!

-What to do if you spill something on marble
These things happen, especially in the bathroom. If you have accidentally spilled something on the marble, clean the area immediately by blotting the spill with a clean absorbent cloth. Blotting will stop the spill from spreading further and being absorbed by the marble.
Once you have blotted the spill, rinse the surface several times with water to clean up the spill.
Wipe the surface with dishwashing liquid to remove any residue, rinse and dry me well with a clean cloth.

If you look after your marble, it will be your bathroom centrepiece for a lifetime.
Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at Marble