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Carrara Marble Honed Square Vessel Sink 313

Carrara Marble Honed Square Vessel Sink 313





Love classic: Love carrara marble sink

Roman emperors and renaissance master sculptors, demanded the finest Carrara marble.  Its lasting beauty and timeless elegance, shown in the architectures and sculptures of the last two thousand years, is the true definition of classic - its white background with deep-setted grey veins that form a net-like pattern.  Classicism and sophistication sum up this stone sink.

The beauty of our small square Carrara stone sink mixes the old and the new, and is perfect for turning a bathroom into a relaxing and pampering zone, radiating a discreet luxury.

Match with the edgy elegance of matt black tapware, add a vintage touch with a smoky gilded mirror, wall sconces or a chandelier, team with white and brass for a more modern luxurious space.  Finish with natural greenery to bring an exotic spa ambience to your sanctuary. The small Carrara marble sink can handle it all!

Nothing says style like the square stone sink, combined with the timelessness of Carrara.  Spoil your senses - bold in shape, stunning natural stone, generous for washing.  A small wash sink to luxuriate and admire for many years.

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L:15-3/4" W:15-3/4" H: 5-1/8"