Frequently Asked Questions

IBP Reward Points

What are iBUYPOWER Reward Points?

The iBUYPOWER Reward Points system is our way of thanking our loyal customers and fans for being a part of the Chimera Family! Earn and redeem points that can be applied towards ALL of our products on You can find more information on our Rewards program here:


How do I update the email address on my iBUYPOWER account?

Unfortunately, due to security purposes, there is no way to change the email address to your iBUYPOWER account. 

Canadian Customers

How long does it take to ship to Canada?

Shipping to Canada takes about 5 business days to get to the border once the package is picked up by FedEx International Ground Shipping.

Are there restrictions to Canadian addresses for orders?

Billing and shipping addresses must match if you are ordering from Canada. The billing and shipping addresses cannot be different.

How much will the duty fees be?

Please refer to Canadian Customs to know the cost of duty fees for our products. Canadian Customs are the ones to collect the fees.

Is there a financing option for Canada?

Currently we do not offer financing to Canadian customers, but we are always looking to expand our payment options so this may change in the future.

The carrier is asking me to pay duty/taxes on a repair, I thought it was free of charge if in warranty?

Yes, your repair or part swap was covered under warranty, but some carriers fail to see that it was a $0 repair or swap and will attempt to collect Duty anyways. If this happens to you, please Contact Us using the Contact Us page and we will provide you with the correct documents.

Are the prices in CAD?

Prices on our website are displayed in USD. CAD exchange rates are based on your financial institution at the time of purchase. 

Do you ship to Canada?

Currently, we only ship within the USA and to Canada. We can also ship to FPO/APO for those stationed oversees. 

Marketing Inquiries

I would like to be sponsored by iBUYPOWER. Can I get free products from iBUYPOWER to review?

Any deal or sponsorship inquiries can be directed to our marketing department via their email [email protected]. If they are interested, they will reach out to you. 

How do I reach HYTE support?

HYTE is a sister brand with their own products. You can purchase an iBUYPOWER computer with HYTE components just like other name brands. 
If you want more general details on what HYTE is, please follow this link. 
If you are wanting to inquire about HYTE products, please contact Hyte 

Order Management

I haven't received a confirmation email.

You should receive an email confirmation within 30 minutes of placing your order. 
If you haven't received your email confirmation after waiting, then an agent will need to get that sent to you. 
When contacting our customer service, depending on the type of payment used for the order please have on hand: 
Affirm - the Affirm loan ID associated with your order 
AmazonPay or Paypal - AmazonPay or Paypal transaction ID 
Credit or Debit Card - the name and last 4 digits on the card used for the order 

I placed my order and the checkout processing was still continuing. Did my order go through?

If you received the confirmation email for the order, you are free to close out the webpage. Please reference the order number when contacting our customer service for assistance. 
If you have not received the confirmation email, please check to see if your chosen payment method has been charged or if you have an Affirm Loan ID. It may take some time for the transactions to show up if it went through. 
If your order did indeed not go through, feel free to place the order again. 

I forgot to apply the coupon code when I purchased the computer. Can I add it now?

It happens to the best of us. This will be classified as an order change after the order has been placed. Please contact our Customer Service for further assistance on this. 

How do I obtain the invoice/specs for my system?

If you are needing a copy of your component list or invoice you will need to contact our customer service team for assistance.  

If you have received your order: Please make sure to have the serial number to your system on hand. It will be located on the "i-Series" sticker on the back of your system. 
If you have not received your order: Please make sure you have the name and phone number associated with the order. 

Can I get a price breakdown of all the parts in my build?

Unfortunately, as a system integrator we only sell full and completely assembled systems and not individual components. Therefore, we are not able to provide a price breakdown of your build. Accessories and shipping costs will be itemized. You can find the full cost of your build on your invoice. 

Where are my promotional items? How do I activate the game codes?

Promotional code and gift cards are sent to the email used to place the order after your order has shipped out and been invoiced. 
Instructions on redeeming the promotional codes can be found on the email that the code is on. If you are not able to locate the email, then you can also locate your promotional codes by logging into your iBUYPOWER account and follow the provided link. 
If you are encountering any other issues regarding your promotional codes, then please contact our Customer Service for assistance. 

What is the status of my refund?

Please contact our Customer Service for your cancel or refund status. 

Can I request for changes to be made on my order?

Orders can be changed up until it is has been built (with a few exceptions) by contacting us via chat, email, or phones. Changing parts is only available for configurator, EZBuilder, and laptops. Parts cannot be changed for RDYs as they are already packaged for same-day shipment.  
A maximum of 3 part changes can be made to an order. Any more than that will require a cancel and re-order. 
If the part you are interested in changing to is a pre-order item, you will need to cancel and re-order. We will not to be able to make changes to pre-order items. 
Please be advised that making any changes, including shipping method changes, will likely cause a delay in the shipping time. When contacting us to make a request for changes, please make sure you have the name and phone number associated with the order as well as the order number. 

How does order cancellation work?

You have the ability to cancel your order before your system ships. If you are cancelling to re-order, your new order will not hold the same spot as your original order and will be queued to the back of the line. It may take 1-3 days to complete the cancellation after the request has been received and another 3-5 days for you to see the money refunded back to your payment method.  
If you placed the order with your iBUYPOWER account and the order is in the pre-approval stage: Cancel your order by logging into your iBUYPOWER account and accessing your order history to locate the 'Cancel Order' button. Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your order. Note this will not work for RDYs you will have to call in to cancel them as RDYs can be made to ship before the order status is updated.

If you checked out as guest, order has at least started the parts picking phase, or want to cancel a RMA: You will need to contact us via chat, email, or phones to get the cancellation processed. Make sure you have your 6-digit alphanumeric order number or your RMA number on hand to provide to the agent. 

Where is my package?

If you were sent a tracking number and there are no updates beyond “Label Created”, sometimes packages are labeled ahead of time to facilitate easier pick up by our shipping services. There will be an update to the tracking page once the package has reached the courier's local sorting facility.
The carrier may have also canceled a pick-up, but we will ship out on the next available truck. 
If the second situation were to happen, the original tracking number is often canceled and replaced with a new tracking number.  
If you are a Canadian customer dealing with duty fees for a warranty repair or part swap, then contact us for a commercial invoice. 

Order Process

What does the lead time mean in my build?

Lead time is the longest estimated time we anticipate you will have to wait to get a GPU/CPU allocated to your order. It can be shorter due to cancellations, larger than expected shipments of a part, etc. So, there is a possibility that you may get your order earlier. 
The lead time should not extend past the initial estimate given when the order was placed. The lead time for the selected item is locked in at the time of ordering and is applied to the estimated ship date at customization. 

What does Parts Gathering mean?

If your order is in the parts picking phase, that means we are now assigning parts to your order in preparation for assembly. Once your order has all of its parts assigned to it, your order will then move to the assembly stage to be built. 

What happens during the Quality Control/Burn-In phase?

Once your computer has been fully assembled, it will then head to QC and burn-in.  

Quality control is where we have our production team thoroughly stress test your PC for any issues.  

Once your computer has passed quality control, it will then go through burn-in to get Windows and other necessary software installed and updated.   


If your order has encountered any issues with parts during this phase, the part will be exchanged and tested until it passes. 

Once the QC and Burn-In phase has completed, your order will move on to get packaged. 

My order says that it is waiting for shipment. Where is it?

After your computer has passed Quality Control and Burn-In, it will now be packaged in preparation for shipment. Our system shipments are limited to the amount of shipping trucks we have that day.  


If you see that your order has been in waiting shipment for a few days, there is a likely chance that it's just waiting to be organized into a pallet for shipment. Tracking numbers are created when your order is right about to ship and is also sent to the email on file. 
If you never received an email that contains your tracking number, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance. 

Do orders take long in any certain stage?

All orders don't follow a set timeline during their build process. Some orders may take longer during one step than another for multiple reasons. We will do our best to make sure that it will still meet the expected ship date quoted to you during checkout.
After your order is submitted the payment will be verified and once completed the order will be approved. If your order has not been approved you may want to check your email to see if there was a problem with the payment for the order. Once your order has finished parts gathering, it will move on to assembly to be built, which is not too long of a process itself. From this point, it can take about a week and a half for your order to ship depending on how it does in the next phase, QC and Burn-in. 

How long do orders stay in the pre-approval stage?

An order will be pre-approved and processing until the order is fully charged and ready to be picked.  An order will also be in pre-approval phase until the lead time is over for a specific part of your order. If all parts are available, orders are usually reviewed and approved within a few business days or so from placing the order. 

The pre-approval phase can be affected by a few things: Wait time of a part, current volume of orders, action needed on the order amongst other things can all affect pre-approval completion times. During peak seasons orders can take longer to process.


What cards do you accept?

We take American Express, Discover, Mastercard, G Pay, Apple Pay, and Visa for credit cards and debit cards. We also take AmazonPay and PayPal as our secure checkout options.

Can I split the payment for my order?

An order can be placed using a maximum of two credit or debit cards only, in whichever combination will work best for you. We require that all billing information is an exact match between the order and credit card company/banking institution. If you want assistance in making split payments, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance. 

How do I resolve the payment issue on my order?

Please double check to see if you have entered the credit card information correctly. Check with your bank to verify that the billing address on your order matches with the address your bank has on file. 
We also offer third-party payment options such as PayPal and Amazon Pay as well as Affirm financing (US only) if you are having trouble paying with your credit card. 
If you are still encountering issues with payment, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. 

When will payment be taken for my order?

We charge for your order once we have all the parts and the capacity to build your order. The time between submitting your order and you being charged can grow as we get increased demand. 

I did not receive the link for payment. How do I get another one sent to me?

If you have not received a payment link to resolve the issue, you can contact our customer service for assistance. 

How can I make monthly payments for my order?

We offer a monthly financing option through Affirm. Affirm is currently available in the US only, and it is subject to individual approval. If you are looking to make a down payment and have monthly payments, that is also handled completely through Affirm during your checkout process.  Any questions regarding Affirm's loan agreement process and approval will need to be directed to Affirm at 855-423-3729. 


Where can I leave a review?

If you want to provide any input on iBUYPOWER's products and services, you can leave us a review. Please follow instructions in this link provided to leave a review. 

Where is the reward for completing the reviews?

It can take up to 2 weeks to process the rewards from your reviews. If you have received the gift cards from the reviews and are encountering issues with redeeming them, then please contact our Customer Service for assistance. 

I want to upgrade my system. Can I speak with someone for recommendations?

We do not sell individual components as upgrades for your iBUYPOWER system. If you are interested in hearing upgrade recommendations for your iBUYPOWER computer, we can provide some guidance. 
If you have yet to purchase your system, but want some advice, you will need to talk to an agent about Pre-Sales. 
Upgrade questions on an iBUYPOWER system you own will be for our Technical Support team. 

How do I maintain my liquid cooler? Do I need to refill the liquid?

The all-in-one coolers in most iBUYPOWER systems are not designed to have their coolant refilled or replaced. 

The only maintenance required is to keep the fans and radiator clear of dust by cleaning them periodically. A re-application of thermal paste may also be necessary every couple years to maintain best performance.  
Only systems with full custom liquid cooling require coolant maintenance. The coolant should be flushed and refilled approximately once a year or whenever coolant starts looking cloudy. If you require assistance with this, please contact our support. 

How do I make sure that my laptop does not overheat?

Do not use your laptop on the bed or a pillow. Make sure your laptop is sitting on a flat surface, like a desk or a table. Ensure that nothing is covering the laptop vents. If your laptop's vents are starting to build up dust, clean it as soon as possible. Laptop cooling pads that sit underneath your laptop is a great investment to keep your laptop cool as well. 

Can I get some tips on keeping my computer clean?

It is important to keep your system clean for the most optimal performance.  

Make sure the system is completely powered off and you are in an open environment. Remove the front panel and both side panels to your system. 
A can of compressed air is your best friend here. Vacuums are not preferable unless it is a vacuum designed specifically for computers. 
Hold a can of compressed air a few inches away from the surface of any computer component and apply short bursts of air to blow out all the dust inside the system. 



I am having trouble with the checkout.

If you are having trouble checking out, it may be due to the cache and cookies on your browser. You can try checking out through a different browser, clearing our website's cache and cookies for your current browser, or use the current browser's incognito/private browser setting. If you have a form of ad blocker, please turn that off temporarily. 
Perform one of the above steps and try checking out again. 

Can someone check if the parts in my build are compatible?

If your order was able to be submitted on our website, you’re good to go! Our configurator automatically checks for known compatibility issues and helps you resolve them before ever submitting your order. Things can pop up during building but in general the configurator will catch most if not all known issues.

I was notified that my order has a compatibility issue.

If you have parts compatibility questions or received an email regarding a compatibility issue with your order, please get in touch with our Customer Service for further assistance. 

I already have a keyboard and a mouse; how do I remove them from my order?

The iBUYPOWER standard mouse and keyboard come included with most of our computers. The mouse and keyboard cannot be removed from RDY and EZBuilder units. They can, however, be deselected from the configurator for custom builds.

If you are interested in removing the mouse and keyboard from an order you had already placed, an order change request made to Customer Service will need to be made to get that done

Do your computers come with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor like in the picture?

Our computers come bundled with a keyboard and mouse only.  As you are customizing your order, keep an eye out for our wide selection of accessories and peripherals to add to your order to improve your gaming experience. If you are interested in purchasing a monitor by itself or want to view our other offerings, you can check out our Gear Store 

Do your computers come with a power cord?

Our computers come with the standard US power cord. You can find the power cord inside accessories bag that will come inside the packaging with your computer. 

I already have a few computer components on hand. Is it possible to purchase a system excluding certain components?

As a system integrator, we only sell full and completely assembled systems and not individual components. 
We do not sell computers without key components such as the video card, HDD, RAM, etc. 
If you're not looking to buy an entire computer, you can check our gear store if there are any accessories and peripherals that may pique your interest. 

Will the thermal paste I selected be applied to the system?

Every production tech has a tube of each thermal paste at their station to apply to your order. Whichever thermal paste you've selected on your order will be applied at assembly by us. A fresh tube of the same thermal paste for future use should be included in your accessories bag, which you will receive alongside your system. 
If you did not select a thermal paste for an additional cost, then the thermal paste that came pre-applied to the CPU cooler will be used instead. 

Do the computers come with optical disk drives?

We do not sell computer cases that have a built-in DVD or Blu-Ray drive as a majority of them are manufactured without them. If you do need a disk drive for your computer, there are external options you can purchase. We also provide an option to add an external DVDRW Blu-Ray drive as you are customizing your computer on our website. 

Can I get a computer that can run multiple video cards?

Crossfire and SLI (multiple GPU configuration) are no longer supported in our current builds and we do not recommend them for gaming purposes. For other use cases such as rendering or mining, users will have to purchase and install additional cards on their own. Please make sure the power supply, motherboard, and chassis purchased can support additional cards if this is the intention.  

Do you provide rush service?

Rush service is provided for an extra fee when capacity allows. 

Can I save and share my computer configuration?

We provide different options for you to use to save a quote. 

Click the Summary button in the header of the configurator. 

Then scroll down and click save. It will give you a choice to email you or to copy a personalized URL. 


What parts do you guys have in stock?

If the part, service, or system you are inquiring about is listed on our website, then it is available for purchase. 
If the item is not listed anywhere on the website, then we either do not carry the product or will no longer carry the product. 
If the part is a pre-order item, then the part is not immediately available and has an estimate lead time to receive it. Selecting a pre-order item will automatically adjust the estimated ship date to account for the lead time.

The RDY I saw before does not have the option to be added to the cart. Are you still selling this build?

If the RDY you are interested in is currently sold out, then click the "Notify Me" so we can let you know when the system is back in stock. If the RDY shows as "Discontinued" we are no longer selling that build. 

What graphics card/RAM brand will I be receiving?

Selecting just the base model will get you first available stock of the card that is available at the time your parts are pulled. 
The video card model could be from a few different companies, such as ASUS, MSI, etc. We do not carry Founder's Edition. 

The RAM models could be from Corsair, G. Skill, Adata, etc. 

Once the parts for your build have been picked, you can then contact Customer Service find out which new part is being used.

Do iBUYPOWER computers come with antivirus software?

Windows features its own antivirus called Windows Defender. It is not necessary to install further antivirus software. As long as you keep your Windows up-to-date, Windows Defender should be more than enough to keep your system protected. 

What cooling options are provided?

Depending on configuration and parts availability, you will have a choice of either an air cooling heatsink and fan, all-in-one liquid cooling, or full custom liquid cooling for your iBUYPOWER desktop computer. Air cooling is good for entry level systems where budget is a major concern. Both liquid cooling options are viable for good performance. All-in-one coolers are easier to maintain versus the more aesthetically pleasing custom cooling.

Can my video card have liquid cooling?

This depends on our supply of parts and what is available in the market. Liquid cooled graphics cards often require a very specific pairing of card model and water block. We will occasionally also offer all-in-one cooled hybrid graphics cards in certain configurations. 

What happens to the extra case fans if I selected a liquid cooler?

Stock case fans will be included even if you have a liquid cooling system on your order. 
Our production techs will do their best to include as many fans that are allocated to your order into the assembly of your system.

Where will the assembler install the extra fans?

Assemblers will use their best judgement for placement of fans, prioritizing aesthetic if RGB fans are selected, and performance if non RGB fans are selected. If you have a special request as to how you would like them installed, you can make that request in the special request box during check out. If you forgot to make the request before placing the order, an order change request will need to be made to get that done. 

Does iBUYPOWER price match?

We do not offer any price adjustments or matching. 

What deals do you have?

All our currently active deals can be seen on our website. Deals are automatically applied to the order, but some promotions will need to be selected if applicable. 
We also have special sales around most major holidays. Most special sales will start around the date of the holiday. 
Our daily deals run for 24 hours and any other deals are generally while supplies last. 

Can I trade in/exchange my system for a new system?

We do not offer our products up for exchanges or trade-ins. If you are interested in our products, you can place an order on our website. We also have a good number of deals you can view to aid your decision here.

How much sales tax will be applied to my order?

Sales tax is applied based on the order's shipping address so it will vary based on the state and zip code. Apply the tax rate for your intended shipping address to get an idea as to how much the order will be after tax has been applied. 

If I purchased a monitor, will it come with the corresponding connection cables or would I need to purchase them separately?

Some monitor models will come accompanied with connection cables (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.), but it is not standard on every model. Make sure you know what kind of connections your system, via graphics card, needs to connect to the monitor you are interested in purchasing. If you are purchasing a system with us as well, you will have the option to include additional monitor cables as add-ons if needed. Monitors are packaged separately and given their own tracking number separate from the computer.  

Does the PC I ordered have Wi-Fi?

Not all of the systems we offer are Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ready, but all systems are ethernet capable as there is an ethernet port included in all motherboards. 
If you have configured a computer to have a motherboard with integrated Wi-Fi, then you will not be able to select a wireless network card as an add-on. 
If your selected motherboard does not have Wi-Fi capabilities already, then you can select a network card as an add-on. 


If you have not received your system yet, to check if a configuration is Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capable, please refer to the product page for the unit. It can be found alongside the motherboard name. 
If you have received your system, a quick way to check to verify your computer's Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities is by looking at the back of your computer and checking to see if there are gold ports on the motherboard. 
If your system does not have those gold ports, then the best solution would be to get a USB Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adaptor or PCIe Wi-Fi card to install to your system to get the wireless capabilities. 

How much FPS will my PC run at?

We use 3DMark to measure our system’s FPS. 
You can check the FPS of the computer you have customized or are interested in on the bottom left of the system's page.  
You have the option to select which game to measure the computer's FPS with.

How do I get better FPS on my system?

If you want to try for higher FPS, you can adjust your processor, video card, and memory options.

What programs are going to be installed into my custom PC?

Only programs required for your system to run will be installed during production. 
The Windows operating system will come pre-installed and just needs activation upon receiving your system. 
Drivers and RGB software (if applicable and if it is not UWP) will be installed as well. 
Any other software will have to be installed by you when you receive your order. 

Can I place an order over the phone?

All orders must be placed online at the iBUYPOWER website 
Once you have finished customizing the system, click "Add to Cart" to begin the checkout process. If your address has an apartment, suite, or unit number then please enter that designation onto 'Address Line 2.' 
If you would like a consultation on what PC to purchase, please contact our sales team for assistance. 

Do the systems come with the liquid cooling pre-installed?

We fully install and test all cooling systems before shipping them out. Our liquid-cooled AIOs come with water pre-filled and there is no need to “top-off” or “recharge” them periodically.

How do I overclock my computer?

We currently do not support overclocking on our CPUs or GPUs. Any overclocking done outside of iBUYPOWER that leads to damaged components may not be covered under our warranty.  


How do I return my order?

We offer you the option to return most products you purchase directly from iBUYPOWER. For all purchases not made directly from iBUYPOWER, please check the return policy of the location from which you purchased your product. Please refer to our return policy for more information on terms and conditions. 
You will need to contact us via chat, email, or phone to get the return process started. Please make sure you have the name and phone number associated with the order as well as the order number of the product to be returned. 

RMA Management

What is the RMA process?

Return merchandise authorization, or RMA, is needed when something has gone wrong with your computer and a return or repair is needed.  
If you purchased your system through one of our trusted retailers (Adorama, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Newegg, etc.), you will need to request an Etailer Form from us to fill out to get the RMA created. RMAs can be created for varoius reasons such as needing a replacement part under warranty, need to send your computer in for repair, and more. 
Please see our RMA process page for more in-depth information.

How do I get updates or make changes to my RMA?

Please contact us to get your RMA created or inquire about changes or RMA status. Make sure you have your order number, RMA number, or system's serial number on-hand when contacting us. 

What is the return address for the RMA?

Please use this address to ship your RMA to us: 
iBUYPOWER Computer Service Center 
529 N Baldwin Park Blvd 
City of Industry, CA 91746 
Make sure to pack the contents in in its original packaging or in well-protected packaging as we will not be responsible for shipping damage or loss as a result of poor packaging. We will not be responsible for damage or loss of any product not purchased directly from iBUYPOWER. 
We do not provide boxes to ship RMAs. If you no longer have the original packaging, you can purchase packing supplies from FedEx when dropping of your RMA. 
Do not forget to write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the package somewhere for our receivers to see. 
Please refer to our Limited Warranty for more detailed RMA shipping instructions. 

When will I receive my shipping label and where do I find it?

Shipping labels are sent to the email attached to the RMA by FedEx and will expire after 30 days. When a shipping label request is made, please wait 24-48 hours to see it in your inbox. Make sure to check your spam folder in case the email with the label was sent there.  
If you are unsure if you qualify for a label, please view our limited warranty policy or return policy for further information. 
When contacting us to request a shipping label, please make sure you have the name and phone number associated with the order as well as the RMA number. 


Do you do drop shipping?

We do not offer drop shipping. 

Do you ship to PO boxes or freight forwarders?

We do not ship to PO Boxes or freight forwarders. 

What is the cost of shipping?

You can view our website to see which of our custom prebuilt PCs and laptops will come with free ground shipping. 
Our RDYs come with free 2-day shipping for US addresses only. Canadian and military shipping addresses are excluded from this offer. 
You can view more information on shipping costs on our Shipping Details page.

How are orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?

FedEx 2-Day Air is automatically applied to your order if your order is to ship to either Alaska or Hawaii. 
The 2-Day Air shipping method applies after your order is built, tested, and shipped out of our warehouse. 

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use FedEx and UPS for most of our shipping needs, while military addresses will use USPS. All of our packages have an irremovable signature requirement as an extra measure to make sure your order securely gets delivered to you.

I ordered express shipping, but my order still hasn't arrived. What happened to express shipping?

Shipping times are separate from build times. Shipping times come into play once the system has completed the building phase and the carrier has picked up the system. 

Ex. If you place an order for a configurator system with 3-day shipping that does not mean the system will get to you in 3-days. The system needs to get built first, which can take from 1-2 weeks. Once the system is ready to be shipped out and is then picked up by one of our shipping carriers, then you can expect for your order to be delivered in 3-business days. 

How do I track my package after it is packaged?

Please use your provided tracking number to track your package and see delivery times. 
If you do not see your tracking email, please check your spam folder as there is a chance that the tracking email was sent there. If you have checked and do not see tracking information, please contact Customer Service for further assistance. 

Are the computers securely packaged before shipping?

We securely package our products with our own custom-packing foam before getting shipped out. Certain NVIDIA RTX 40 Series and AMD Radeon RX 7000/6000 Series cards are required to be shipped separately and uninstalled due to the high potential for damage during transit because of their large size and weight. iBUYPOWER will provide an easy set of instructions for the installation, all you need is a screwdriver.


Do you guys ship outside of the US?

Currently iBUYPOWER only ships products to the US, Canada, and APO/FPO addresses. 

How to hold package at a FedEx facility

If you have a FedEx tracking number, you can go to the FedEx website with that number to do a hold at location, add delivery instructions, etc. There is no need to contact FedEx or iBUYPOWER. The request can be quickly made on the website yourself. 
When you search up your tracking number on the FedEx website, you will need to click on "Manage Delivery" to make the changes. 
PSA: FedEx's vacation holds only last up to 14 days. Once 14 days have passed, delivery attempts will resume.  

If your order is shipped by UPS, If you have UPS MyChoice you may be able to redirect to a secure access point with your MyChoice account.  

When do accessories ship?

It is currently taking about 5-7 business days from the date the order is placed to pick and ship accessories. Once your accessory has shipped, you will receive a tracking number so you can track the package. 
If you purchased a monitor with your computer, you will be provided with two different tracking numbers. 


How do I update to Windows 11?

Windows 11 Home comes included at default and is pre-installed for all system offerings as of 10/5/21. If your system has Windows 10, it should be Windows 11 ready. Based on which processor you have, you will either have PTT or TPM. They both serve the same function. If you have Intel, then you will need to enable PTT. If AMD, then it is TPM. Either of these must be enabled to update to Windows 11. 
Intel's PTT and AMD's TPM can be enabled by going through the BIOS only if the motherboard and computer processor can support it. Please watch this video for a step-by-step guide. 
Please click one of the following processors to see what will support Windows 11: AMD or Intel. 

Can I get my Windows Product Key?

You can find your system's Windows Product Key through your iBUYPOWER account. To access your Windows Product Key, please first log into your iBUYPOWER account then click the following link. Please follow the on-page instructions on how to retrieve your Windows Key. If you are still having issues, please contact our customer service for further assistance. 

Which drive is the OS going to be installed on?

The Windows operating system is installed on the fastest readable drive for the most optimal performance. 

Do I need to select a Windows option?

Windows 11 Home comes included and is pre-installed for all system offerings.

Why can't I choose Windows Pro for RDYs?

Only configurator builds have the option to choose between going with the default Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro at an additional cost. Configurator builds will also give you the choice of having a Windows Recovery USB added to your order in case you run into any issues with Windows that will require reinstallation. 

How do I activate my Windows?

Windows activation should happen automatically once your system is connected to the internet, but sometimes it can take a few days.
If you're having trouble activating Windows 11, follow these steps to fix activation errors:

1. Check Windows Updates in Settings and click "Check for Updates"

2. Use the Activation troubleshooter to resolve simple errors. This can be done by:
- Going to Settings
- Searching for Activation 
- Clicking on the button or link that says "Troubleshooting" 

If the issue still persists, you can contact our Customer Service for further assistance. Please make sure you have the serial number to your system on hand. It will be located on the "i-Series" Sticker on the back of your system. 

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